Epoxy Flooring

concrete construction worker doing epoxy flooring

As part of the array of concrete finishing services we offer at Leander Stamped Concrete, we can bring you high quality epoxy floor coating. Epoxy flooring is most often chosen for industrial or commercial surfaces, due to the additional durability it offers, as well as the ability to handle immense loads of weight.

Why Use Epoxy Floor Coating?

There are countless advantages that epoxy flooring bring above alternative methods of coating concrete. First of all, epoxy increases the durability of the surface by a large degree. This means no matter how heavily trafficked the surface is, no matter how heavy of loads are moving across the surface, your floor will hold up to muster. After application, the surface will be shiny, smooth and seamless. Its glossiness also has the positive effect of reflecting light, thus increasing the available interior light without needing to install additional lights, incurring electricity costs and such.

Epoxy coating will increase the lifespan of your surface due to its ability to minimize erosion and wear and tear through regular use. Epoxy steadfastly resists stains caused by water or various oils. Epoxy is also resistant to humidity and moisture. It can even resist a variety of chemicals that may be present in industrial or manufacturing buildings. And while smooth, the surface need not be slippery – anti-slip additives are an important component of a safe epoxy-coated floor. Lines, patterns or words can also be paired with the epoxy coating to further increase its safety benefits.

In addition to all the above, epoxy is fast and simple to apply. It requires virtually no maintenance in order to maintain all of its properties. And it can be applied to existing concrete floors without needing to do any re-pouring or re-installation of concrete.

Epoxy Coating Process

There are certain parameters that need to be fulfilled before a concrete surface is appropriate for epoxy coating. Any and all existing cracks or chips in the floor’s surface must be repaired, and all dirt, debris or grease must be removed – a clean surface to start with is essential. Certain types of seal or polish may interfere with application of epoxy – there are ways to address this but it must be carefully considered before proceeding with epoxy. Leander Stamped Concrete can survey and examine your concrete surface to determine whether it is a suitable candidate for epoxy coating.

When it comes to application of epoxy, it’s a relatively straightforward process – or at least it is when you have technicians as skilled and experienced as we do at Leander Stamped Concrete. When performed incorrectly, epoxy can peel or bubble off. We won’t let that happen to your floor. Before applying, epoxy is mixed together and then applied before it begins to harder. Depending on the exact surface in question, there may be need for epoxy primer and finisher before and after the epoxy itself.

We’ve helped many clients apply epoxy coating to their industrial or commercial floors, and we’ve left every one of them satisfied. There’s really no substitute for a high quality epoxy coating, so contact us to get the process started.